Biosa Foods


One of the main activities of BIOSA is cleaning, sorting, peeling and packing of different types of seeds, cereals and other food products. BIOSA's Seeds Processing Line include cleaning and sorting machines, produced by one of the world's leading manufacturers of seeds cleaning and sorting equipment - MEYER Optoelectronic Inc. and BIOSA is the exclusive representative of the brand MEYER for Europe. Our machines have modern design, excellent quality and high efficiency and we can guarantee 100% purity of the finished product.

BIOSA’s Seeds Cleaning and Sorting Workshop accepts orders for cleaning and sorting of all types of seeds and packaging from 5 to 50kg, in Big Bags or bulk.

BIOSA can supply with various types of peeled and splitted seeds, grains and legumes.

BIOSA works with a modern packing machines and equipment for packaging of all types of seeds, grain, pellets and other granular products